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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ

Todd Alsup and Paula Valstein enjoying a brief moment between their sets at the very classy Mattison Park. Todd and Paula both performed last weekend at the Wave Gathering Music Festival in Asbury Park. Unfortunately we don't have any shots of Alec Gross, but he assures us the video is spectacular. Everyone had great gigs and enjoyed the company of many Asbury Park locals and good friends.

Todd also performed on Sunday night at Georgie's in AP to a very enthusiastic crowd and they booked him on the spot for another gig later this summer.

Another part of the Wave Gathering Festival was a series of panel discussions. Our good friend Steve Greenwell sat on a panel to discuss recording and producing, while MajorWho's James Walsh took part in a panel on artist development with Ron Haney (Near Records), Colie Brice (AERIA Records), and Mark Swersky (The Melody Club/Sony Music Publishing). Panels were great and very informative..

Asbury Park, for all of its musical history, is still in its development stages and is undergoing a number of changes. The town is seeing a great deal of investment that will hopefully spur growth. There is a small group of dedicated people who are working hard to develop new cultural opportunities for the town - restaurants, clubs, music venues. We'll be watching closely to see how things take shape. Special thank you's go out to Gordon Brown and Scott Stamper for all their effort making MajorWho artists feel welcome.

Todd Alsup @ Billboard

Here's Todd Alsup @ Billboard for an in-studio performance and interview. Todd performed an acoustic version of "The Good Fight" (which you can hear on our jukebox to the right and on his myspace) and then gave a short interview. The footage will be available shortly on Billboard's website and we will keep you posted when they post it.

Todd wasn't the only artist that day to play the Billboard Cafe - just before we arrived English soul singer/songwriter Adele performed. If you haven't heard her, check her out. She's one of the hottest artists on one of the hottest labels (XL) right now.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Asbury Park - Wave Gathering Music Festival

MajorWho is heading to the beach this weekend for the Wave Gathering Music Festival in Asbury Park. Like MajorWho, this two year old festival is focusing its energies on emerging artists. We will have our own showcase stage at Mattison Park featuring three MajorWho artists as well as performances from a few local acts.

Mattison Park
649 Mattison Ave
Asbury Park, NJ

The MAJORWHO stage sponsored by Dropcards
Saturday June 21st, 2008

1:15pm Keith McCarthy
1:50pm Alec Gross (MajorWho)
2:30pm tba
3:05pm Paula Valstein (MajorWho)
3:45pm Todd Alsup (MajorWho)
4:30pm Beth Arentsen

Go to Asbury Park Music to vote for MajorWho artists, Todd Alsup (181), Alec Gross (3), and Paula Valstein (148).

Additional Asbury Park gigs:

Todd Alsup
June 20, 10:15 PM Twisted Tree Cafe
June 22, 10:00 PM Georgie's

Alec Gross
June 22, 1 PM Carmine's w/Arlan Feiles

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Elan Vytal aka Dj Scientific

DJ Scientific is at it again this time with his new 'Life Force' EP. Check out the new video 'Feelin Like'. It's getting a great response from local djs and is being pushed to radio/satellite and internet stations across the globe.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


While no one here at MajorWho has ever eaten at Bojangles, we are nonetheless great fans of chicken - grilled, fried, buffalo style, and even in nugget format.

If the singer of this jingle sounds familiar to you, you're not crazy. It's none other than Alec Gross.

While you're here, check out "Can't Seem To Sleep," Alec's latest, on the MajorWho reverbnation jukebox.