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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wes performs on Sirius Satellite Radio tonight, January 30th!!

Wes is on Sirius Satellite Radio tonight, January 30th, at 6pm-8pm!!

Wes Hutchinson will interview Wednesday evening, January 30th from 6pm to 8pm, with Patrick Meagher in the Howard Stern building in New York City about life, relationships, and music on Sirius Satellite Radio!!! It's the Cosmopolitan Station. Yay. It's a subscribed commercial free radio station that hits over millions of listeners a day. Thanks to Patrick, you'll hear some new tunes and Wes will be promoting some new things in his life (Sundown, Samaris, Sushi, Saki, etc.) If you are a subscriber, tune in and if not, get a 3 day free subscrition here at

Here's the plug below. Hope to have you hear Wes babylon and play some tunes promoting his record and more!!!

Cocktails with Patrick
Weekdays 5 pm - 8 pm ET
Relationship on the rocks? No need for a secret decoder ring anymore! Our resident guy guru, Patrick, helps us get inside the male mind and serves up a special blend of insight and relationship advice from a "dude" perspective. Then, he mixes it with a dash of the hottest celebrity news stories of the day and, of course, fun and games and new musical guests!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Ugh, good morning. Monday morning. Hold on. There's some really cool stuff brewing - check it out.

Vampire Weekend is coming to Major Who!! That's right, you heard it here first kids. They'll be joining us Wednesday for another Blue Room session. A great follow up to the Louis XIV session we had in here last week. Vampire Weekend's new album is coming out January 29th on XL Recordings. Totally pumped!

Atomictom is on tour with The Click Five! See them at The Blender on Thursday Night. We've remixed 'You Always Get What You Want' just in time for these great shows. Go check out the remix at Atomictom's MySpace.

Steve Greenberg, founder of S-Curve, is coming around with a new artist - this one is amazing. We'll keep you posted about it. I've done a bunch of work for Steve in the past. Always fun, always interesting.

Lots of great new songs coming out from Risa Binder, Nate Campany, Shayna Zaid, Paula Valstein, Todd Alsup and more!!

And now, your moment of Zen:
Do not click here, seriously.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Todd Alsup on Q104.3

Todd Alsup! Just got some play from Jonathan Clarke over at Q104.3 on his Sunday night OUT OF THE BOX show. He played Todd's 'The Good Fight' and it sounded great! Now we're getting some play on Sirius Radio too!
Btw- this is the fourth MajorWho song that Jonathan's played in the last several months. Congrats to Todd- hard work pays off...
To Jonathan: Thanks for the support!! You Rock.

Also, gotta love this review of the disc:

While competing in an "All You Can Review" song review competition at The Consensus over the weekend, I stumbled on Todd Alsup's music. And as News Editor of SSV, I'd be remiss not to give him some main page love, considering his song "Status Quo" is the best pop/r&b hybrid I've heard in more than a year! Merging Stevie Wonder with John Legend and the pop smarts of Jon McLaughlin, this New Yorker has one of the biggest hits of 2008 hidden on his MySpace page just waiting to be given a shot at greatness. His song "Theory" is a worthy follow-up -- both songs have extremely competent playing and ear-bending hooks that will control you for days. He's got a firm grip on his influences and has created several tracks that are worthy of bigger things. If the rest of his album is this good, you'll be hearing more about him in SSV soon ...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Louis XIV Blue Room Shoot

They came into MajorWho last week to shoot a Blue Room session the day before they played their Terminal 5 show. A Charming bunch of chaps right off their tour bus. I like them a lot. Louis XIV (Atlantic). Their CD is coming out January 29th. Check out their song 'Guilt By Association.'

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Shayna Zaid's song Take Your Time was featured in the big closing scene of "The Young and The Restless" on Tuesday. Next week they will feature Shayna's song One Kind Of Love. It should be premiering all over the world in the next few days!

Check it out on Youtube. The song starts about halfway through the clip. Congratulations Shayna!!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

People Who Know People or the Who's Who in Weird Music Network

Hearing that Jonny Greenwood is into Messiaen makes us feel good about what we're doing here at Major Who. We're in a constant struggle over whether to emphasize the art and community aspects of what we do or to play up the more commercial side of our company. As a facilitator of new music and a supporter of great artists we're helping struggling artists to succeed and realize their potential. This is a much needed service. However, in order to sustain ourselves, Major Who has to focus on commercial projects to feed the engine and grow the company. The struggle is about maintaining this balance.

I had lunch with Joe Jackson the other day - hadn't seen him in ages. I'm assisting him in putting together some instruments and tech for a theater piece for which he's composing the music. The play is based on the life of Bram Stoker and will likely open here in NY sometime soon. Joe gave me a copy of his new album Rain coming out at the end of the month and told me about his upcoming tour. He asked me if I missed being on the road and I said most definitely. But there are more than enough fun and challenging things going on right here at the moment to keep me busy.

Lastly, we headed up to Pleasantville on Wednesday to assist in the challenging audio and video idiosyncrasies involved in the presentation of Holding Fast, an unusual collaboration by composer Randall Woolf (my bff) and filmmakers Mary Harron and John C. Walsh. Mary and John traveled to Darjeeling, India, to shoot a short documentary video of daily life in a Tibetan refugee camp and brought back uncut footage that served as the inspiration for an original musical piece by Woolf. That composition in turn provided the structure for the final edited short video, a gorgeous, colorful picture of the remote outpost. It was performed live by Jennifer Choi, whom the Times has described as a violinist with "brilliance and command," accompanied by the video and an electronic soundscape produced from the ambient sounds of the refugee camp.

The question and answers showed insight, many of the audience wanting to know more about the lives and plight of the refugees documented in the film. It was the first time I had actually met Mary Harron, though I've known her through Randy for many years. I thanked her for putting my music in the film American Psycho. I'm still getting royalty checks for that!

Major Who has something new brewing. We can't talk about it yet but we're all very excited. Stay tuned.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Angus Andrew from LIARS

Happy New Year to you all! Last week our pal Angus Andrew from Liars dropped by Major Who to do a little workshop session with his nephews Bas and Felix. Liars will be playing at Warsaw in Brooklyn on February 9th.

Here's a great video from a band we like: