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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Road Recovery,The Fenwicks, Groove Collective, Jeff Buckley, and MajorWho

Busy Week!!!!

Monday night MajorWho hosted its 5th Road Recovery master class in the studio's live room:

Groove Collective members and Road Recovery mentors Jay Rodriguez and Chris TheBerge were on hand to assist the Crazy James Band in coming up with some new material. Some good times for a good cause, namely our own sanity! Once again, MW producer Jeremy Sklarsky kept us on course and in stitches while we multi-tasked through the event.

Road Recovery founders Jack Bookbinder and Gene Bowen are close friends of Majorwho's James Walsh for many years -dating back to the time when they managed and road managed Jeff Buckley, who incidently, used to have his rehearsal room where our studios main control room now exists.

Here's something we found written on the wall of Jeff Buckley's rehearsal room before we built out the control room, just after Jeff passed..


Speaking of Buckley, The Fenwicks were at MajorWho over the weekend to lay down some new tracks for a debt relief (get details from jack) program. According to Jack Bookbinder, The Fenwicks were one of Jeff's favorite bands. Check em out- great guys and musicians...

Ahh yes, Old Springs Pike. We had the privilege of going to the show at Joe's Pub with Caitlin Lowery and Heather Holley.
It was AMAZING! We hope to see more of them soon.

Old Springs Pike

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

ATOMICTOM on HALLOWEEN!!! ~Arlenes Grocery 8pm

Please join us for an evening of goulish adventure with ATOMICTOM on the 2nd night of their ARLENES GROCERY residency.
It's sure to be a devilish time........


We encourage you to check in with our blog and keep up to date with all that is going on in our artist community. Please feel free to send us updates on projects you are working on so we can include them in our calendar.

MajorWho is an artist development, production, management and promotions company founded by NYC music producers Sheldon Steiger and James Walsh.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Is This The Best That You've Got?!

We love Billy Harvey. He first came to our attention from a close friend, Barry Bergman. Barry called me up one day and told me I had to check this guy out. When Barry recommends someone, it's always worth a look. Billy is funny, charming and an amazing songwriter. He produces a lot of different artists as well. We caught Billy's show at CMJ last week where I took this picture. Billy makes a nice living as an independent artist. We appreciate that more than we can express. It's what it's all about. Check out Billy's website (it's possibly the best website ever).

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Atomictom tomorrow night!

Please come check out Atomictom tomorrow night at Alene's as they start their month-long residency! Good Times.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Eric Lewis

We've finally started doing some work with Eric Lewis. We've been eagerly awaiting the moment to get into the studio with him and get creative. Eric has this idea to take some popular songs from bands like Coldplay and The Killers, and create his own fully arranged interpretations that are faithful to the spirit of the originals but infuse Eric's own genius style. We'll have some stuff for you to listen to soon.

If you haven't seen Eric perform live yet, you should. It's worth it. If only for the great facial expressions he pulls while he plays.

Eric Lewis live at The Zinc Bar, Oct 23 & 24, 9:30PM.

American Composers Orchestra

Susie Ibarra's "Pintado's Dream"

"Told in two musical movements accentuated by the sublime visual imagery of Makoto Fujimura's projections, Pintados Dream emerges from Ibarr
a's ongoing documentary fieldwork with the indigenous people of Japan and the Philippine Islands -- "warriors, spiritualists, humanists and artists [who] continue to live as some of the oldest residents on this earth." As the instruments of the orchestra channel these indigenous voices, Fujimura's projections interact with the performance, sometimes directly, sometimes obliquely, but always in gestures that speak ancient languages in modern tongues."

Major Who is spinning from the ACO concert at Zankel Hall last night. With pieces by Susie Ibarra, Scott Johnson, Ken Thomson, Steve Coleman and Anna Clyne, the sold out performance was nothing short of spectacular. We've been fortunate enough to mix sound and provide technical assistance for the ACO for the better part of a decade. In the above video clip, conductor Steven Sloane rehearses the orchestra for Susie Ibarra's piece, Pintado's Dream.

And speaking of Susie, she will be coming into Major Who's studio in a few weeks to record a piece she's written for Jennifer Choi. Jennifer has been working with us on her new CD which should be out sometime this winter. Along with Susie's piece, the CD features music by some other great contemporary composers such as Randy Woolf, Annie Gosfield, and Raz Mesinai.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Todd Alsup's got some amazing new songs!

We just finished mixing Todd's song "Status Quo" with Steve Greenwell and it POPS! Steve's Myspace profile says he's 98 years old by the way. I have to say he's well preserved if that's true.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Paula Live!!

Hello Friends,

Please come out and see Paula Valstein tonight at the Rockwood Music Hall at 11 PM.

Also, don't miss ATOMICTOM at 11PM on Saturday at Rockwood. They'll be starting their weekly residency at Arlenes and will play every Wednesday at 8PM starting on October 24th as well. Cheers!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Shayna and Nicole

We set Shayna up with our friend Nicole to take some pictures. They came up with some beautiful ones.

Nicole is out of her mind. Everyone knows it, especially Nicole. It's part of her charm. She's an AMAZING photographer and a great artist. We love you Nicole. :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Alec Gross laying it out at the coffee house. Chris Marolf on bass and harmonies..

We headed down to Gizzi's on W. 8th St. last night to check out Alec Gross' show. Alec has a real flare for country and folk rock with shimmering high vocals and a very genuine presence on stage. Gizzi's is a coffee shop that presents live music every Wednesday and Saturday nights. I think we'll be seeing a lot more of this as time goes on. Live music in alternative settings. Very refreshing. It started with the Barnes & Noble and Borders craze and now we're seeing it everywhere. I'm surprised Starbucks hasn't done this (or have they?), what with their own 'Hear Music' label and all. Many people want to hear live music but don't like the scene in the traditional venues. Part of the reason we like Rockwood so much is because it's a different atmosphere. More intimate. More friendly. Great for this kind of music.

Alec Gross, Chris Marolf

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Shayna Zaid....

Shayna's songs are almost done! Here she is with bass player Lee Nadel and drummer Rodney Howard after laying down some awesome tracks. Rodney is in Moscow with Avril Lavigne at the moment. Rock on...

lee nadel, shayna zaid, rodney howard

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Paula Valstein ROCKS!

A few Pics of Paula Valstein and her band in the studio laying down some tracks for her upcoming single, "Bring it On." Come out to Paula's CMJ show at The Cutting Room on October 17th at 10PM.

Emek, Paula, Greg, Crash

Sheldon Steiger, Paula Valstein, Steve Greenwell

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hello Major Who fans, it's been a while. Some CRAZY stuff going on lately. First off, we're proud to announce that we'll be managing Shayna Zaid. HOOORAY! We're super excited about the opportunities that are unfolding for Shayna as we work to develop her songs and her presence here and in Asia. Thanks Jay Deasel for your undying and dedicated support to the project. And speaking of Shayna, last week she was in the studio finishing up some vocals when she got a call from her friend Daniel Bedingfield. He was in the neighborhood and wondered whether he could stop in on the session. Um, Sure! Along comes Daniel and while he's here he lays down some most delicious backgrounds on Shayna's song 'It's You'. Wow, thank you Daniel. Truly awesome.

Another one of our artists, Paula Valstein, played a show recently with Dr. John in Philly. Dr. John took a fancy to Paula (hmm, what a surprise :). So he invites her to accompany him to a celebration concert of Charlie Parker's music with a staggering A-List lineup last night. She got to hang with Dr. John, Elvis Costello, Diana Krall and Al Schmitt after the concert. Ridiculous. She came to the studio afterwards all aglow. Nice going Paula. Listen for Paula Valstein's new single 'Bring It On', out soon on Major Who - just in time for her CMJ shows. It sounds amazing and we're not even finished with it yet. Paula will be playing an official CMJ show at The Cutting Room on October 17th at 10PM.

And how about that Atomictom?! Featured on the front page of Amie Street last week, Luke and the gang are gearing up for a CMJ showcase at Rockwood on October 20th at 11PM and a weekly residency at Arlene's Grocery starting October 24th. Please come out and check out the shows.

Wes Hutchinson and Casey Shea just returned from London with Sundown. They'll be playing a show at The Canal Room this Wednesday, Oct. 3rd, at 9PM.

Stay tuned for more Major Who news soon. BOO ya.