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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Road Recovery,The Fenwicks, Groove Collective, Jeff Buckley, and MajorWho

Busy Week!!!!

Monday night MajorWho hosted its 5th Road Recovery master class in the studio's live room:

Groove Collective members and Road Recovery mentors Jay Rodriguez and Chris TheBerge were on hand to assist the Crazy James Band in coming up with some new material. Some good times for a good cause, namely our own sanity! Once again, MW producer Jeremy Sklarsky kept us on course and in stitches while we multi-tasked through the event.

Road Recovery founders Jack Bookbinder and Gene Bowen are close friends of Majorwho's James Walsh for many years -dating back to the time when they managed and road managed Jeff Buckley, who incidently, used to have his rehearsal room where our studios main control room now exists.

Here's something we found written on the wall of Jeff Buckley's rehearsal room before we built out the control room, just after Jeff passed..


Speaking of Buckley, The Fenwicks were at MajorWho over the weekend to lay down some new tracks for a debt relief (get details from jack) program. According to Jack Bookbinder, The Fenwicks were one of Jeff's favorite bands. Check em out- great guys and musicians...

Ahh yes, Old Springs Pike. We had the privilege of going to the show at Joe's Pub with Caitlin Lowery and Heather Holley.
It was AMAZING! We hope to see more of them soon.

Old Springs Pike

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