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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Alec Gross laying it out at the coffee house. Chris Marolf on bass and harmonies..

We headed down to Gizzi's on W. 8th St. last night to check out Alec Gross' show. Alec has a real flare for country and folk rock with shimmering high vocals and a very genuine presence on stage. Gizzi's is a coffee shop that presents live music every Wednesday and Saturday nights. I think we'll be seeing a lot more of this as time goes on. Live music in alternative settings. Very refreshing. It started with the Barnes & Noble and Borders craze and now we're seeing it everywhere. I'm surprised Starbucks hasn't done this (or have they?), what with their own 'Hear Music' label and all. Many people want to hear live music but don't like the scene in the traditional venues. Part of the reason we like Rockwood so much is because it's a different atmosphere. More intimate. More friendly. Great for this kind of music.

Alec Gross, Chris Marolf

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