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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hello Major Who fans, it's been a while. Some CRAZY stuff going on lately. First off, we're proud to announce that we'll be managing Shayna Zaid. HOOORAY! We're super excited about the opportunities that are unfolding for Shayna as we work to develop her songs and her presence here and in Asia. Thanks Jay Deasel for your undying and dedicated support to the project. And speaking of Shayna, last week she was in the studio finishing up some vocals when she got a call from her friend Daniel Bedingfield. He was in the neighborhood and wondered whether he could stop in on the session. Um, Sure! Along comes Daniel and while he's here he lays down some most delicious backgrounds on Shayna's song 'It's You'. Wow, thank you Daniel. Truly awesome.

Another one of our artists, Paula Valstein, played a show recently with Dr. John in Philly. Dr. John took a fancy to Paula (hmm, what a surprise :). So he invites her to accompany him to a celebration concert of Charlie Parker's music with a staggering A-List lineup last night. She got to hang with Dr. John, Elvis Costello, Diana Krall and Al Schmitt after the concert. Ridiculous. She came to the studio afterwards all aglow. Nice going Paula. Listen for Paula Valstein's new single 'Bring It On', out soon on Major Who - just in time for her CMJ shows. It sounds amazing and we're not even finished with it yet. Paula will be playing an official CMJ show at The Cutting Room on October 17th at 10PM.

And how about that Atomictom?! Featured on the front page of Amie Street last week, Luke and the gang are gearing up for a CMJ showcase at Rockwood on October 20th at 11PM and a weekly residency at Arlene's Grocery starting October 24th. Please come out and check out the shows.

Wes Hutchinson and Casey Shea just returned from London with Sundown. They'll be playing a show at The Canal Room this Wednesday, Oct. 3rd, at 9PM.

Stay tuned for more Major Who news soon. BOO ya.

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