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Monday, July 28, 2008

Kathleen Supove and Morgan Packard at le Poisson Rouge

(Le) Poisson Rouge translates to “the red fish” in French, and if last Tuesday was any indication, this is one classy fish. The venue takes the place of the historic Village Gate on 158 Bleecker Street, towering over smaller restaurants and tiny clubs. It’s apparent from the imposing doorway that this is far from a local mom and pop. And when one descends to the subterranean stage, the feeling only intensifies.

Morgan Packard + Joshue Ott

Morgan Packard and visual artist Joshue Ott began the night. Beginning with microscopic clicks, the set initially had more silence than sound. Morphing into ice crackles, with accompanying visuals, the performance was as focused on aesthetics as it was sonics. It concluded in spontaneous fashion, as Packard, who had been hunched over a laptop, broke out a saxophone, while Ott took an accordion. It was a startling finale: human presence in a sea of technology.

Video: Morgan Packard - Tremble (Live at Mutek 2008)
Official Site: Morgan Packard

Kathleen Supove

Kathleen Supove was a more personable figure, chatting with the crowd between songs. The centerpiece of her set, “The Other Piano,” was equally loquacious. Described as a long story told at a bar, the piece meandered at times, colored by outbursts that resembled conversational outbursts. The 37-minute composition was assisted by composer Morton Subotnik’s laptop, but the subject title was the most prominent presence. Supove’s fingers flickered across the keys, eloquently telling a cryptic tale.

Video: Kathleen Supove at (Le) Poisson Rouge (7/1/08)
Official Site: Kathleen Supove

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