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Friday, July 4, 2008

Kathleen Supove and Jonathan Kane at le Poisson Rouge

Happy Fourth of July!!!

le Poisson Rouge is my new favorite venue. They've done an incredible job designing a beautiful space, with a great sound system, comfortable vibe, and friendly staff. I'll be attending many more shows there.

What an amazing show this was. Supove played a program of really cool compositions that included Randall Woolf, Frederick Rzewski, and Jacob TV. Shown here is a clip of 'Same Sky' by Carolyn Yarnell. The piece features a beautiful projected video shown here in the clip.

Downtown New York city legend Jonathan Kane and his band February followed. These guys were stunning. Riffing traditional blues grooves that grew steadily into a beautiful explosion of sound. Vintage guitars and amps, and about the most amazing drummer I've seen since Buddy Rich. Hints of Velvet Underground too. Here's a clip of them performing on WFMU, my favorite radio station.

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