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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Listening Party!! Christina Roberts releases new track to support Malaria No More

MajorWho has just finished a track with the wonderful Christina Roberts. She works and supports for an organization called Malaria No More. They made a big splash a few months back when Ashton Kutcher challenged CNN in a race to a million twitter followers - Ashton said he would give 10,000 mosquito bed nets to the organization if he won. Well he did, and CNN donated bed nets too. Then Oprah jumped in and offered a bunch as well. We didn't know know important these bed nets were until we started to pay attention- and boy, they really do!

"A Closer Far" is Christina's way of combining two passions to raise awareness and funds to support work that she care's about. The song is inspired by her experiences of the last 3 years working with Malaria No More, an organization determined to end malaria deaths. Unbelievably, 1 million people still die from malaria each year, mostly in Africa.

When you download "A Closer Far", a portion of the proceeds will go to support the ongoing work of Malaria No More. You can stream the song from her Facebook page (bottom left column) and download it at CD Baby:

In 2008/9 MajorWho was happy to jump in and produce the track with her. Todd Alsup even lent his time to work with Christina on the arrangement. We had some great musicians play on the track including Rich Mercurio on drums, Jay Rodriguez and Chris The Berge from Groove Collective on fulani flute and percussion, and MajorWho regulars Risa Binder on backing vocals, Jim Farkas on guitars, and Hans Glawischnig on fretless bass. And as always, mixed by Steve Greenwell.

You can hear the track on Christina's Myspace. You can "attend" the listening party on Facebook!

Here is the press release for the song:

Life has been a smorgasbord adventure for Christina Roberts, and she wouldn't have it any other way. Raised in Texas and currently based in New York City, the threads of songwriting are woven throughout Christina's childhood and coming of age, the years after spent working in Washington, DC and her latest experiences in Africa. In 2006 Christina was introduced to Malaria No More, an organization determined to end malaria deaths. Unbelievably, 1 million people still die from malaria every year, mostly in Africa. Affected and inspired, Christina immediately went to work full-time for the organization.

Christina's latest studio project, "A Closer Far", is born out of her work in Africa and a new perspective. "The world is probably mostly unchanged from a few years ago, but the way I see it is different - and I suspect I'm not alone. I can no longer imagine that it is us, here, and them, there. We live in a time of incredible awareness of each other's life circumstances. Media, travel, the global economy - these things are bringing countries closer together than ever before. I don't feel guilty for being born to an easy life, but I do feel connected to those who are not. I am compelled to participate in the effort to make things better."

Delivered in Christina's distinct, smoky vocal, a "A Closer Far" is a lush trip through her experiences and realizations of the last few years. To learn more about participating in the fight against malaria, visit:

Christina Roberts


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