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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


April 7- @ Le Poisson Rouge, $15 (for 2 sets) 7pm Jennifer Choi, 8pm Susie Ibarra Quartet with video by Makoto Fujimura. Jenny will be the opening act for the Susie Ibarra Quartet joined by Bridget Kibbey, harp, and Kathleen Supove, piano, and Susie Ibarra, drums/percussion in an evening that will feature women composers and performers!

The first set will be all solo violin pieces by Wang Jie 'Serenade in Isolation', Annie Gosfield Lost Signals and Drifting Sattellites', Susie Ibarra's 'Black and White', PLUS Jacob TV 'Capriccio', then we'll be settling into some fine improvisations based on Susie's folkloric and fantasia like compositions. For more information:

Hope to see you there!

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