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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Casey Shea featured on NYTimes blog "Freakonomics"

Check it out! Good friend of MajorWho, Casey Shea, was featured yesterday in an entry in the Freakonomics blog on the New York Times website (the paper of record!).

The Freakonomics dudes put Casey's song, "Everybody’s Getting Bailed Out (Except for Me)," in an article about the latest in "Recession Pop Music."

The Latest in Recession Pop

If things keep going as they are, Billboard is going to have to start a new Hot 100 chart just for songs about the Great Recession.

Earlier we posted a music video of “Fannie Mae Eat Freddie Mac and Cheese.” Here now are two more recession blues:

“Credit River,” by Constantines:

Constantines - Credit River

And “Everybody’s Getting Bailed Out (Except for Me),” by Casey Shea:

“Credit River” is noisy and apocalyptic; “Everybody’s Getting Bailed Out …” is hushed and hopeful. They are both worth a look and listen.

Very, very cool.

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