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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Alec Gross Wins AGAIN on Sirius!

Alec is triumphant once again and to the victor belong the spoils!

As a featured performer on Jim Breur's (best known for playing a goat on SNL) show on Sirius, Alec was pitted against other local performers. Listeners (who are called "the hammers") call in with their votes and the judges add theirs. Yesterday was the second time Alec has done this show and the second time that Alec won.

Alec performed a full band version of his latest song "Can't Seem To Sleep." You can hear the completed version on Alec's Myspace page.

Sirius Satellite: The best radio on radio.

From Left: Jim Breuer, Alec Gross, Pete Correale
How I miss thee...

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