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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mocean Worker, Siobhan O'Brien, Daniel Hope

I'm listening to Adam Dorn's heartfelt homage to his recently deceased father, Joel Dorn on NPR. Joel was one of the most legendary and prolific record producers that ever lived. I certainly have a great many of his recordings in my collection.

Adam, like his dad, is incredibly talented. A musician, songwriter, producer, mixer and all around great musical presence, he hovers a tiny bit under the radar but is loved by his devoted fans and friends. Adam and his band Mocean Worker are playing at the High Line Ballroom on Friday. It's worth checking out. I had the pleasure of working with Adam at the Lincoln Center Festival back in 2000. Adam participated in the legendary performance of Terry Riley's 'In C'.

Irish songstress Siobhan O'Brien came into Major Who (on St. Patty's Day!) to sing harmonies on Alec Gross' 'Sleep No More' yesterday. Currently on tour with The Chieftains, she took a moment out of her busy schedule to sing some gorgeous backgrounds and harmonies on Alec's new song. Thanks Siobhan!

To wrap up SXSW, we had an incredible time. Met some really cool people, saw some amazing musicians, went to some awesome parties, etc. Of particular note were The Wombats, We Are Standard (WOW!), and Colourmusic.

Now we're back and thrown right into the thick with Yael Naim and Mark Bryan in the studio today. I'll try to snap some pics.

Tonight, we're off to record the British violinist Daniel Hope at Joe's Pub for WQXR. The guy is truly amazing.

The whirlwind never stops. Thanks to all that are paying attention. Cheers!

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