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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The S-Curve Cometh

The world is spinning over here at MajorWho. Every day brings more excitement. Construction continues across the street with regular blasts of dynamite to keep us pumped and on our feet. The MajorWho showcase reel is coming together with some nice additions at the last minute. Theyll be ready in time for SXSW. For those of you who like track listings here it is:

1. You Always Get What You Want - ATOMICTOM
2. Light - Paula Valstein
3. The Good Fight - Todd Alsup
4. Stoned Beautiful - Wes Hutchinson
5. It's You - Shayna Zaid
6. That Kind of Day - Risa Binder
7. All The Pretty Women - Alec Gross
8. No Need To Talk About It - Wes Hutchinson
9. Status Quo - Todd Alsup
10. I Remember - Shayna Zaid
11. Sail - Paula Valstein
12. Friends - Ellie Lawson
13. For the Kids - Henry Ittleson Center Youth

Steve Greenberg, who recently reformed his S-Curve Records brought us a new artist to work with, Diane Birch. She's amazing. We love Diane. Listen to the demo of 'Magic View' hot off the drive. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

SXSW quickly approaches. Shayna was offered a slot as an official SXSW artist but unfortunately (or fortunately actually) she's already booked at the Mosaic Festival in Singapore for those dates. So, next year at SXSW Shay!

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