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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Major What?? Paula Valstein on Q104.3 -Jonathan Clarke's OUT OF THE BOX

Tonight 11.25.07 - Paula Valstein's new single "Bring it On" on Q104.3
Jonathan Clarke's Out Of The Box @ 9pm..

Congratulations Paula!
Paula Valstein writes some incredible songs- and this one was a dream to work out with her in the studio. You ROCK Paula!! We can't wait until next week when we get to tracking again..

Hey- Nothing like a little major radio station nod to keep the indie vibe feelin' good!! Wow- that's the second time this month Jonathan Clarke has shown some love to a MajorWho artist on his show. Last week or two ago it was ATOMICTOM "You Always Get What You Want".
hmmmm- Maybe we're all on to something!!!

Jonathan is a devoted champion of the local unsigned artist- His show is always great. We've been listening to it for years. Check it out at 9pm on Sunday nights on Q104.3 on your FM dial or Paula is a songwriting goddess... Seems like a great match to me!

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